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About Total Business Systems / DDP
  • TBS/DDP is one of Michigan's largest printing companies. Our sales exceed $18 million annually.
  • TBS/DDP has 2 manufacturing plants one in the U.S. and one in Canada. Our largest is the Taylor, Michigan plant with over 110,000 sq ft.
  • TBS/DDP is known for its diverse manufacturing capabilities - from 1 to 8 color offset printing to digital imaging.

History of TBS/DDP

Total Business Systems (TBS) was founded in Michigan in 1982 with 6 employees. At that time the primary business was printing of business forms, computerized forms management systems and laser imprinting for industry and government. In 1991 TBS acquired Deluxe Data Printers (DDP) which was founded in 1982. DDP's primary business is printing lottery tickets and gaming receipts and is the developer of the proprietary Duraluxe TM coated thermal ticket roll stock.

TBS is one of the largest single ticket printing companies in the gaming business, with presses dedicated to printing lottery tickets. We are a globally competitive supplier of lottery ticket roll stock and selection slips.

TBS also has specialized products which include cross web glued forms, OCR, MICR, laser forms, sheeted and in rolls and credit card carriers. We also manufacture all types of commercial and digital printing from one to eight color process work.

The current total number of TBS employees is 93 people. TBS employees are some of the best in the industry, with many having experience stretching back 30 years or more. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship has enabled TBS to build and maintain an excellent reputation and has contributed greatly to its success.